5060 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
*Under New Ownership*

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TwerpsWe are parents of cool children, at least we think they are cool, and we wanted to dress them accordingly. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find clothing that suited our tastes and realized that we may not be alone.

So our plan is to make good looking, comfortable, quality clothing for children. Different, but not too different! The kind of clothing that years later, as an adult you still have fond memories of. Most importantly Kids love them! And so will you!

We have already begun to produce clothing under the brand Twerps! Yes, Twerps. Isn't that what all cool children are, with a little bit of mischief mixed in for fun. Feel free to stop by our retail location at 5060 Eagle Rock Boulevard to get a glimpse of or even purchase some Twerps clothes for your boy or girl.